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 Vanguard Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in Dongguan City
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 Mr. Ten thousand yuan Jiang£¨Sales Manager£©
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 Dongguan City, Guangdong Province wanjiang Jane sandbar community village committee office, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China
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2012-11-16     Expiration time£º2013-3-16
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 Dongguan Vanguard Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a focus on health, environmental protection, radiation suit high-tech enterprises of fashion, design, production and sales as one strength of companies. Company over the past decade has a more finished sound and pragmatic busine accumulation, and the establishment of marketing network to promote Good marketing and production systems and profe ional design team. Busine succe , employee ha ine , Thanksgiving society "follow the irit of" customer first, quality a urance, "the production of ideas, to promote love, health, environmental protection, fashion, people-oriented, integrity management, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence efforts to achieve "quality of life, health re o ibility," is committed to producing high-performance medical radiation. Companies leading products "medical radiation skirt" the State Intellectual Property patent a licatio . The company mainly produces all kinds of medical radiation skirt, radiation suit, radiation clothes, Maternity radiation, radiation protection and maternity clothes, radiation pregnant women skirt, radiation protection clothes, and medical corset belt, postpartum corset belt, medical care belt and so on. Senior design team, out of radiation suits to inject fresh vigor into fashion elements. The custom radiation overalls, radiation gifts and design is our advantage. Expect from the design and sewing a embly lines operating, quality controlled and controllable costs. Fashion styles continue to be introduced that will create more surprises. An extraordinary challenge, i ovation, and ten years cast, medical quality radiation suit, radiation suits manufacturers, manufacturers of radiation protection suits Design and production orders are welcome. Radiation suit profe ional manufacturer of production proce es of profe ional controlled to e ure product quality, certified by the State Food and Drug Administration. According to customer requirements, in accordance with the customer to sample pla to manufacture a variety of materials, size, color, welcome new and old customers to negotiate busine ! Our partners: Ne tar Chain Drugstore, a large forest of Chain Drug Stores, Dongguan Guoyao of Chain Drug Stores, Guizhou, a tree of Chain Drug Stores, etc. We look forward to be your reliable long-term partner! Medical radiation skirt out of the radiation suit radiation pregnant women dre http / / Radiation service company, manufacturers of the radiation suit, radiation protection suits manufacturer
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