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  [Supply]Shijiazhuang picking station Shijiazhuang freight station where the address where   China Suppliers
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 Shijiazhuang Logistics Co., Ltd.
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 Mr. Mr. Sun£¨Account Manager£©
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 0311 84395586
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 , Runfeng Logistics Park, Shijiazhuang South Second Ring Road on the 18th, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China
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2012-11-15     Expiration time£º2013-3-15
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 Shijiazhuang picking station Shijiazhuang freight station where the addre where The Shijiazhuang Logistics Co., Ltd. welcome new and old customers to visit at any time, and Tel :0311 - 8,439,558,613,730,124,585 Please remember our we ite: Person in charge: Mr. Sun addre : Shijiazhuang South Second Ring Road on the 18th Runfeng Logistics Park The purpose of this logistics is: safe tra ortation for security, a reasonable tariff for the market to re-o erve the credibility and development. The guiding ideology of the logistics are: customer satisfaction and trust is our eternal pursuit. Profe ional cargo terminal at Shijiazhuang picking station freight station 0311 - 84,395,586 Profe ional cargo terminal% "Shijiazhuang picking station" Freight Station ",0311 - 8,439,558,613,730,124,585, the logistics strength of strong busine profe ional, superior vehicles at any time, day, 365 days Waiting to provide superior door-to-door tra ort of goods, packaging, warehousing, logistics and other premium services. This logistics busine Shijiazhuang to the national round-trip cargo tra ort busine , i urance agents, while providing ultra- First-cla goods packaging and modern warehousing and logistics services. Division I does not charge any fees under the premise of the ecial requirements of customers table to table service, that is, to the designated locatio and neatly stacked, the case of temporary changes to the shi ing addre or ecial requirements by the co ignee Adjustment problems after the first delivery of the terrain shi ing and shi ers co ultation costs. The a olute prohibition of arbitrary charges to the co ignee. The logistics commitments: to the co ignee unreasonable additional costs by the Division I double refund. The logistics, based in Shijiazhuang, covering the whole country. Vehicle cla , strong capacity, strict management. The logistics strictly in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9002 quality system standards, the quality of the "PDCA" cycle Management, full participation, thorough, mutual supervision, monitor the entire proce . Awarene of service quality into every corner of the logistics to e ure high quality tra ort task. Logistics in the continuous creation of the best quality of service reputation, the best corporate image ahead of the completion of the renewal of equipment, perso el training work. The logistics staff after the theory of modern logistics Advanced training and operatio , and has long been engaged in the tra ort vehicle scheduling management busine , familiar with the operation of the logistics market rule, has accumulated rich experience in logistics operatio . Adhere to this logistics operating capacity through the normative foot in Beijing, to the National Radiation and gain credibility through excellent logistics services, allowing customers to a reciate the service first, customer first, the logistics Each employee will be the greatest enthusiasm to serve each customer. Now the Logistics has created an energetic, highly skilled and experienced driver team. And "customer first" as management Read, a senior logistics management ecialist and a serious and dedicated work of people qq: 2530108362 Hebei JINDING Pipeline Company pipe joints straight Hebei Yutong Electric A liances Co., Ltd. http:// Shijiazhuang loyalty freight: Shijiazhuang logistics companies: Shijiazhuang Alpha decoration: Shijiazhuang eed will be up to the logistics companies: Shijiazhuang Car Rental Hebei Sheng Hao elbow flange factory Shijiazhuang cs base The Shijiazhuang real cs club Shijiazhuang real cs Shijiazhuang we ite: Hebei Fusheng precision machine tools Hebei FUSHENG machine protective cover Hebei FUSHENG machine towline Hebei Jinxing power Hebei Gold River electrical a liance Co., Ltd. Changzhou the Tenda mechanical equipment factory Note: This information is by Shijiazhuang Bright whole network site optimization, online marketing services Tel :0311 -85,101,026
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